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Skin cancer check + Total Body Photography for earliest skin cancer detection!

Skin cancer check + Total Body Photography for earliest skin cancer detection!

We’re excited to share that the latest skin cancer detection technology is now available at Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Centre Officer! The new imaging tech photographs your entire skin surface to monitor changes, in conjunction with a head-to-toe examination by a doctor, for the earliest skin cancer detection.

Every minute, an Australian is diagnosed with skin cancer. Every day, five Australians lose their lives to melanoma, which sometimes appears like a tiny mole barely visible to the naked eye. That’s why regular, professional skin cancer checks are so important – paired with Total Body Photography for the earliest skin cancer detection as recommended by experts.

Coupled with a full-body skin check, Total Body Photography offers the earliest and most accurate skin cancer diagnosis. The technology revolutionises skin checks by creating an accurate map of your skin in less than five minutes. The resulting set of high-resolution photos is used as a reference for follow-up skin exams.

It provides the most precise comparisons available today, allowing Skin Cancer Doctors to detect new and changed moles and leading to the early detection of skin cancer.

You can now add the revolutionary FotoFinder Total Body Photography to your next skin cancer check at Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Centre Officer.

The new imaging tech takes a series of digital images of your whole skin surface, producing detailed images to deliver the best patient outcomes.

Total Body Photography system speeds up the process of comparing and evaluating photographs by automatically comparing all follow-up photos with the corresponding baseline images and trying to identify new and changed moles. These moles are quickly marked for follow-up evaluation by the doctor.

Quick and accurate total body imaging delivers consistent and comparable results and is completely painless.

Full-body imaging is the most reliable means of accurately tracking changes over time and producing potentially lifesaving results as the high-resolution images allow easy side-by-side comparison at follow-up appointments.

With sophisticated software and superior expertise working together for exceptional accuracy, Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Centre Officer can reveal the subtlest skin changes and detect skin cancer at its earliest stage when it is most manageable and requires least invasive treatment.

The first set of pictures costs just $49 and each follow-up set of pictures costs $59.

You can find Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Centre Officer located in Arena Shopping Centre next to Officer Medical Centre and The Dermatology Clinic (entry via Cardinia Road and Damon Street).

If you’re due for your skin cancer check, learn more at 5940 5006 or click here.

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